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To be a program that raises English teachers who follow the developments about English teaching field in Turkey and the world, who can form an interaction and communication interdisciplinary, provide a basis for the next visions, fully-equipped;

To raise self-ordained, investigative individuals that are sophisticated in their profession and characteristically, fully-equipped and open to investigation, can evaluate and intellectualize existing theory, practice, thought, opinion and techniques in the world.

In our English teaching program, basic language skills such as English narrative, written expression, reading, grammar, translation and English literature as well as teaching skills are taught.

Also, professional teaching knowledge courses such as psychology of education, general and special teaching methods, assessment and evaluation and guidance and have students do practiced.


Our Graduate's Business Fields

English teachers' business fields being rather wide, they have the opportunity to work at mainstream schools, formal and private institutions that adult education is given in from preschool to the final higher education. Our graduates can also work at different sectors such as translation, public relations, human resources and banking.


Education Type of DEPARTMENT

In DEPARTMENT, there are two programs which are normal education and evening education. However, evening education program does not accept new students. According to the figures of early 2014 there are 648 normal education, 326 evening education students in DEPARTMENT.


Graduate and Doctorate

DEPARTMENT presents graduate and doctorate program on English Language Education. According to the figures of early 2014 there are 92 graduate, 46 doctorate students in DEPARTMENT. 

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